…or whoever the male underwear model du jour is.

My boy is coming.


While I’ll readily admit he needs a bit of work on his abs, he’s got confidence and personality for miles.

We’re getting ready to start potty training Colston, and yesterday Jen bought him the biggest motivation she could find: Cookie Monster underwear.

I’m not sure how or why my son developed a thing for that fuzzy blue guy with a penchant for baked goods, but Cooke Monster is currently Colston’s favorite being on the planet.  (OK- Jen might rank a touch higher, but that’s about it.)

For example, here’s the cake Colston requested for his 2nd birthday a couple weeks back:


So when Jen found the CM underwear at Target, she stared talking it up.

Tonight, Colston got to try them on for the first time after his bath.


He literally squealed with delight.

Which probably isn’t too cool for an underwear model.

But then again, those guys don’t rock Cookie Monster drawers.

Check back for potty training updates in the weeks ahead.