Over the last couple of days I’ve gotten inspired by the story of Greensburg, Kansas. This one stop light town was virtually wiped away by a monster F-5 tornado in 2007.  Check out these before and after shots from Google Earth:


Here’s another pic of what was left after the vortex disappeared:


Although some of the residents decided to move on after the devastation, many have committed to stay and rebuild their town from the ground up.  And they are imagining a future together that is green, ecologically friendly and sustainable.

The first year of their fight to rebuild was captured in 13 episodes produced by Leonardo DiCaprio- all of which are airing on Planet Green (owned by the Discovery Channel) today (5/3).  The first two episodes of season two will air tonight at 9 & 10pm est.

What I’ve seen so far is good tv- telling the story from multiple points of view and capturing the opportunities and struggles inherent in living and working together in community.  It’s also interesting to watch average, middle American folks wrap their heads around what it means to be “green and sustainable” and why/if it is worth all of the fuss.

If you’ve got access, check out Greensburg and tell me what you think.