I used the “F” word a bunch at church today.

While I was teaching.



Don’t be.  Our church recently started a series of teaching conversations about FEAR.

Fear Graphic 4x3

Has anyone else noticed that the fear knob seems to have gotten turned up in our culture lately?  Tired of hearing about a failing economy, global warming and swine flu?

In these changing and uncertain times do you find yourself thinking and talking more about your fears?  Hear others describe scenarios they are worried will come to life?  Feel the pinch of anxiety in your shoulders, or see it written on others brows?

What are we so afraid of?  And should we be?  As people who are trying to trust God- is it even ok to use the “F” word- and to use it so repeatedly?  How does God feel to see us weighed down with anxiety and paralyzed by fear?  Is there anything we can do to change how we feel and respond?

These are the types of questions that our faith community will be wrestling with in this series.

If this sounds like something you’d like to hear more about, come join us.  Either in person on Sundays if you live in the Triangle Area- or through the web via OUR WEEKLY PODCAST.