We’ve been renovating our house for over a year now.

Actually the time spent working on it probably numbers 5 or 6 weeks, but we’ve somehow managed to squeeze it into 12+ months.

Currently we’re trying to re-imagine the kitchen.  Although the whole house needed a makeover, the kitchen was possibly the homeliest.  We took down wallpaper, stripped the ceiling of its popcorn, painted the walls and changed the floor plan a while back.

We’ve finally climbed back in the saddle and are 2/3 of the way through cabinet door refacing thanks to Jen’s vision and our friend’s (Matt) trim skills.

Now somehow over the past few days we’ve managed to tackle one project a day.

On Monday I took part of the day off to remove one of the layers of the kitchen floor.  At some point in the previous owner’s tenure, they put down some new vinyl flooring- and for some uknown reason- laid down a 2nd layer of subfloor.  With the help of a circular saw, prybar and hammer, we got back to ground level.


Here’s a shot of the foyer which still has the old floor.  I’ve already scored it with the circular saw so that it can be pryed out at our “convenience”.


On Tuesday we had a new dishwasher installed.  It replaced a lovely bisque colored machine that leaked and literally fell apart days before the new one arrived.


Today Jen and Howard put in a new light fixture over the sink and tonight we selected and installed the globes- which of course took two trips to Lowes.


So now all we have to do is:

  • Finish refacing the cabinet doors
  • Degloss the cabinets themselves
  • Paint the cabinets & doors
  • Install new hardware
  • Lay new cork flooring
  • Finish crown molding and trim on pass through to family room
  • Fix the oven we scored cheaply on Craigslist
  • Install oven, cook top and vent hood
  • Procure and mount bi-fold doors for laundry area
  • Figure out counter tops

I think that covers it.

At this point we ought to be done in another year or so.

Thinking of buying a home and making lots of renovations.  Call me first.