Like most parents, I sometimes wonder if my kids are turning out ok.

When it comes to bath nights, it looks like they are right on track with a couple of things:

1. They like to run around naked. Well, Colston does anyway.  After I haul him out of the tub and dry him off, he heads for the living room to show off.  Seems that 2 year olds are pretty in touch with the “naked but not ashamed” thing.

2. Future blackmail awaits them- but sooner than later. When kids parade around naked, something cues parents to reach for the camera.  In past generations these images were captured on film and put into albums.  Only to be revealed in front of the opposite sex years later. Today, they end up on blogs.  Like this one.  In an on demand culture we can’t wait a decade or more for the payoff.


After a bath, Colston likes to do a bit of cooking


Call him the next naked chef if you like.


And what post-bath romp would be complete without some horseback riding in the buff.  Something tells me I won’t be able to Craigslist this toy with a clear conscience now.

I never thought that exhibitionism would be comforting.

Of course, the this sort of thing has a very limited shelf life.