Fear Graphic 4x3The church community that I lead is currently in a teaching series on the “F” word that seems to be running rampant in our culture these days- FEAR.

This Sunday our teaching conversation focused on some of the anxieties we have when it comes to trusting God and living by faith.

Thinking back on yesterday’s gathering, I find myself grateful for all the folks who helped shape the conversation by sharing so honestly with me over the past weeks.  I’m also glad to be a part of a church community that isn’t content to hide behind religious jargon, but embraces the challenge of talking about the places where we really live.

Ever find yourself afraid to “just have faith” and trust God?  You aren’t alone.

Check out yesterday’s teaching HERE.

I think you’ll walk away encouraged.

And if you’ve never thought of faith as a scary thing before?

Well…you might want to buckle up.