IMG_2130Today was a source of great excitement, deep pride, and a few wistful tears in the Turner household- Addy’s first day as an elementary student.

As I’ve mentioned this to friends, they’ve responded with both encouragement and amazement.

Encouragement came with kind words of sympathy from veteran parents who’ve faced the “first day” before and empathy from others who are nearing the same rite of passage with their own aspiring students.

The amazement arrived in the form of two questions:

1. Wow- is Addy 5 already?

2. What is she doing starting school on July 9th????

The answers are:

1.  Yep, Addy turned 5 on June 30th. We can hardly believe it either.

IMG_21312. We’ve chosen to enroll our daughter in a year-round elementary school. For the most part, parents in our county have a choice at the elementary and middle school levels between schools that utilize the traditional school calendar (start late Aug-end early June) or a year round approach (rotating cycles of 9 weeks of school followed by 3 weeks off).  Since Addy hasn’t done extensive preschool, we thought that the regular breaks of the non-traditional calendar would serve both her and her mom well.

Now that the reports are in, I can tell you that Addy had a great first day.  Although she was a bit clingy as Jen walked her to her classroom, she came home wired and excited about her experience.  By her account- recess, lunch and nap time were the biggest hits.  Sounds about right.

I’m sure I’ll have more updates for you down the road.  For now, here’s a question:

If you had been given a choice as a student, would you rather have gone to a school with a traditional calendar that had you in school for 9.5 months with 2.5 months off in the summer- or a school that gave you a 3 week break after each 9 week period?