We’ve all 86’d stuff- even if we didn’t know to call it that.

For those who think I’m speaking in code, to “86” means to cut, get rid of or throw out something.  Webster suggests that this phrase began as slang because it rhymed with “nix”.

Whatever the etymology, I’ll bet you’ve done your fair share of deleting things- an item from a recipe, an expense from your budget, a commitment in your calendar, junk from your garage, stuff from your hard drive, etc.

But have you ever considered 86-ing Jesus?

A while back, a friend of mine said they were doing just that, moving away from Jesus to more of a deistic understanding of God.  In one sense, I wasn’t surprised.  I knew my friend- like many others- had been struggling with Christianity and church for quite a while.  And while I certainly affirm their right to seek God and make their own decisions about faith, there was something about their admission that gnawed at me.  I wondered if my friend really knew what they’d be missing if they took Jesus out of the story between God and man.

While I’m admittedly biased as a follower of Jesus, in my opinion He brings so many beautiful and unique things to the table that you just don’t find in other faiths and religions.  I found myself speculating as to whether or not my friend would not only stop using the name Jesus, but also abandon what He provided (like the invitation to approach God as a loving parent for example).

Then the conversation turned to me.  Do I really appreciate all that happened when Jesus entered our story?  Am I grateful for- and do I take advantage of- all He did for and offers to me?

And since I often get to explore my questions about Jesus with my faith community– a new series of teaching conversations was born.

If you are on the front end of discovering what makes Jesus unique, could use a fresh appreciation for what He did for you, or have even been thinking about 86-ing Jesus- feel free to LISTEN IN.