Have you ever spent time studying yourself as a learner?  Know anything about how you prefer to tackle new skills and info- a.k.a. your learning style?

The chart to the right is on attempt to capture the different ways we learn.

Here’s a summary of the diff. descriptions:

VISUAL: Prefer to learn via pictures/images.

AURAL: Prefer to learn via sound/music.

VERBAL: Prefer to learn via words, both- speech & writing.

PHYSICAL: Prefer to learn by using your body, hands & sense of touch.

LOGICAL: Prefer to learn via logic, reasoning & systems.

SOCIAL: Prefer to learn in groups/with other people.

SOLITARY: Prefer to work alone/use self-study.

Where do you fit on this chart?  What’s your primary learning style?  Have some secondary ones?  Any that don’t fit you at all?  Ever thought this much about this stuff?

Gaining a better understanding of how we prefer to learn might also give us insight into why we loved some classes/subjects/teachers and didn’t gel with others.

After all, what makes someone a great teacher might depend on the learning styles of the people they are teaching, right?

If there’s one thing Jesus seems to get credit for from multiple audiences- it is for being a great teacher.  Why is this?  What made Him so powerful in this regard?

And what would we be missing if we cut Him out of the story between man & God.

Give the podcast a listen and see for yourself.

(Note for all our visual learners out there: In addition to the audio file, we’ve added the teaching slides in a downloadable, pdf format so you can follow along.  Enjoy.)