This Sunday our faith community continued to talk about what we’d be missing if we took Jesus out of the story between God and man.

As a part of the teaching conversation, we talked about the thing Jesus is best known for- DYING.

Not so sure?

Quick- what is the symbol that most everyone associates with Jesus?  Right- a cross.  Or even more to the point- a crucifix.

Trying to see things from the perspective of someone who isn’t sold on Jesus, we wondered why His death is so widely remembered.  After all, doesn’t everyone die?  Even great religious leaders?

We spent a few minutes kicking around the idea that maybe Jesus is famous because He died young and tragically.  I observed that our culture is prone to make icons out of celebrities who die before their time and/or as the result of tragic circumstances.

In fact, some people are famous to many of us simply because they are dead.  For example, we may have never seen a James Dean or Marilyn Monroe film, but we’ve seen their likenesses plastered on lots of products.

Makes me wonder if kids 30 years from now will be wearing Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger or Corey Haim t-shirts.

Yes- just 3 days after my comments, it seems that we’ve lost another actor a bit before their time.  Life imitating art?

RIP Corey Haim.

By the way, we concluded that Jesus’ death is so well-known for reasons beyond His age and the way He died.  If you are interested in what makes His death so special, you can check out our podcast HERE, complete w/downloadable teaching slides.