Our family had 3 birthdays over an 8 day span earlier this month.  My boy turned 3.  My father in law celebrated 70.  And I happily saw my life odometer click over to the 40’s.

As you might expect, there were some gifts involved.  And plenty of unwrapping.

But, the unwrapping didn’t stop with the family celebrations.  It carried into our Sunday teaching conversation, the last in our “For A Change” series.

In our 3rd week of studying the resurrection of Lazarus, we finally saw Him come out of the tomb.  Alive.  But still wrapped up.

Looking for parallels between Lazarus’ experience and our own, we noted that stumbling out of the grave when we hear Jesus’ voice isn’t the end of our transformation.

It’s just a beginning.  We’re alive, but still need to get unwrapped.

And that process can take lots of time and require some help.

Want to hear more?  Listen to the podcast HERE.  (Note: The actual teaching starts 8:25 into the recording.)