I know all parents are proud of their kids and most like to gush about them.

I’m no exception.

The other day I was downloading pics from my phone and was reminded of several of Addy’s recent accomplishments and thought I’d share them here.

Addy has been learning to ride her bike without training wheels.  She doesn’t quite have it mastered, but is learning much quicker than I expected.

Here’s a shot of Addy with her principal Mr. Hooper.  Addy received an award for displaying the character trait of “Respect”.  She and other students from the school were honored in an awards ceremony led by a karate world champion.  (Not kidding- could I make that up??)

Not long ago, Addy moved up to an older kids class at church and has started memorizing different Bible verses.  This was the first one she learned.

Like most kids, Addy likes to draw, paint, etc.  Earlier this month one of her pieces was selected by her art teacher for display at an art show at the local mall. Yes- it was every bit as classy as it sounds.

So- our girl is doing well.  We’re incredibly proud of her and are excited about watching her continue to grow and develop.