When it comes to communication, are you a short and sweet kind of person?  Or do you prefer the long version of the story?

For the sake of full disclosure, I tend to be fairly verbose.  Although at times I force myself to reign it in and be succinct.  This is why I like to update my status online via Twitter instead of Facebook.  Makes me edit myself.

Last Sunday our church community spent some time talking about what we feel called by God to do.

Putting it in a nutshell, I said I think we’re about:

“Building relationships that change things.”

Capturing the essence of a church community or anything else in only five words can make it incredibly portable, but is by necessity incomplete.

So, I developed a longer version of the ethos of Connections Church as well:

“Connections church is a humble, welcoming community of average people who are trying to understand and practice what it means to unreservedly follow Jesus in the midst of everyday life while building deep, authentic relationships with other believers for mutual support, encouragement and accountability and at the same time seeking to be an incarnation of the love, presence and message of Jesus to our world (both locally and globally) with intent of allowing God to work in and through us to unfold His plans, establish His Kingdom and bring glory to Himself.”

Something tells me that this might not only be the longest run on sentence known to man, but that I- and everyone else- will be more likely to remember, repeat and embody the shorter version.

If you’d like to hear more about this, take a listen to this week’s POD CAST.