Remember when your math teacher taught you value comparisons?  You were given two numbers and asked to decide if the first was greater than, less than or equal to the second.

You were equipped with the following symbols: >, <, =.

Later you’d be given an underscore that could be used to create a hybrid answer but we’ll skip that for now.  No need to get too fancy and show off.

If your math class was anything like mine, we struggled a bit to differentiate between < & >.  That was until our math teacher swooped in with one of those tips that they must teach in math college.

She drew teeth in each  symbol and told us to think of them as alligators- rabid, frenzied reptiles who were desperately craving warm, squirming flesh.

OK so I’m embellishing a bit.  But the point was the same.

The alligator wants to eat the bigger number.  Point its mouth towards the bigger one and you’ll do just fine.

That tip not only works in 4th grade math, but in relationships too.

If we want to get along better with each other, we need to know which way to point the alligator’s mouth.  Are we more important than others?  Or should they come before us?

How will we know the right answer?  In the 2nd teaching of the U+I=WE series, I suggest that we cheat off of Jesus’ paper a bit.

And yeah- I’m pretty sure He’ll be OK with it.

You can listen to the teaching and download the accompanying slides and a 2nd Helpings Sheet HERE.

Happy cheating!