I’ll confess.

I see myself as an everyguy.

The beauty in this is that it can help keep me grounded and humble.

The potential darkside is that I can assume that everyone is actually a lot like me.

Likes what I like.

Thinks what I think.

Does what I do.

And wouldn’t the world and our relationships be better if that was the case?

Wouldn’t you get along better with the person in the next cubicle, or the neighbor next door, or the person sitting next to you at church if you were more alike?

I don’t think so.

While there’s upside to sharing things in common, there’s also incredible benefit and potential harmony to be found in diversity.

Or to put it this way- when it comes to relationships, identical is not ideal.

That’s the stuff we explored in Week 5 of our U+I=WE series.

You can listen in HERE if you are interested.