If there’s a part of a church gathering that can get weird in a hurry or make us cringe a bit, it’s the offering.  Yet most faiths practice some element of giving to God.  Why?  Is it helpful?  Optional?  Vital? Does what we do with our tangible stuff really impact our souls and relationships with a God who already owns everything anyway?

Over the course of 5 weeks our faith community sought some clarity about the back-story of offerings and the role they should play in our lives with God.  Beyond discussing what God wants FROM us, we processed offerings in light of what God wants FOR us.

So, if you’re interested in learning more- or just want to hear a church talk about money without the inevitable sales pitch or stewardship campaign, listen in.

You can find the first teaching conversation in the series HERE and navigate our PODCAST SITE for the rest.  (My apologies for the audio quality on the initial message.  We had a glitch that week.  The sound is greatly improved in subsequent teachings.)