This fall Addy asked us if she could play soccer.

Jen and I were both footballers in our youth, but we haven’t pushed her towards it.  Addy was a part of a developmental league last year- which meant that she learned some basic skills but never competed against other teams or even scrimmaged.

This year she played on a first and second grade team in Colonial Baptist’s sports league.  (For what it is worth, we’ve had a great time with them and have been nothing but impressed with what they do.)  Addy turned 6 in late June as she started first grade and played this season against other first graders as well as 2nd graders who are close to turning eight.  Suffice it to say that she is one of the smaller and least experienced kids on the field.  Which, as a dad, I think is good for her.

Addy’s coaches did a great job balancing having fun with learning how to play.  They were encouraging, supportive and instructive.  Addy got to be a part of a team and loved to cheer for others when she was on the sidelines.  She played all over the field, but seemed to enjoy being the goalkeeper the most- despite the anxiety this caused her mom and dad.  She did well though and didn’t surrender a goal the whole year.

Here are a few shots of our girl in action:

Addy has already asked us if she can play in the spring session.  Sounds good to me.