“How are you doing?”

I end up talking to a fair number of people every week and ask this question frequently.

Not too long ago, the most common reply I heard was some version of “fine”.

Today, that’s definitely not the case.

Now, more often than not, people tell me they are “tired, busy, worn down, depleted, overwhelmed, burned out, exhausted” or some other synonymous phrase.

Can you relate?  I can.  It takes energy to live.  And at times we all seem to be running a little low.

But are we meant to live in a regular state of depletion?  Can we change this?  Learn to identify the things that are sucking the life out of us and respond creatively?

That’s what our faith community is wrestling with right now.  Last Sunday we began this conversation by exploring the drains that seem to be a part of everyday life.

So, if you find yourself worn down by busyness, weighed down by obligations & demands,  or sapped by routine- feel free to listen in HERE.