There’s something that has been bothering me for a while now, but I hadn’t been able to find the words for it.

Guess I finally did.

What are your names for those who don’t see God and the Bible like you do?





False Teachers?




Have you ever stopped to think that someone out there would probably use those same words to describe you and your theology and praxis?

Unless we reside on the cliff’s edge at the far end of a theological perspective, there’s someone who thinks that YOU & I are liberal, or legalistic, or teaching false doctrine or some other synonym for “they clearly don’t get it”.

Feels kind of crappy, doesn’t it?

We do realize that there are multiple opinions on and interpretations of many things in the Bible, right?  That each of us disagrees with other people who have studied the Scriptures, love God and serve Him as much or more than we do, right?  That one of us- and it may well be us- is probably wrong?

So why do Jesus’ followers (among whom I count myself) tend to act like their views are clearly correct and everyone else must be a little less enlightened?

If God was grading your theology, do you honestly think your paper would come back without any red ink?

Don’t we remember that our own understanding of God and the Bible has changed over the years?  And if it hasn’t, are we engaging them with open, humble, curious hearts?

I’m not saying we all have to have the same opinions or shouldn’t share our views.

But couldn’t we do it with a bit more love, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control?  (Unless I’ve totally misread it, those ARE fruits of God’s Spirit in us, right?)

Can’t we humbly express our current understanding, if we so feel led, without the name calling that makes us feel (falsely) superior to those we may currently disagree with?

May it be so Lord.  And please start with me.