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In spite of April Fool’s day, here’s a direct question, free of malice:

As we seek to understand the things, people and places that are sapping the life from us, have we looked in the mirror?

What if life and other people aren’t our only, or even or most significant, sources of energy loss?

What if we’re being drained by (gulp) ourselves?

Could struggling against our limitations, trying to live up to unrealistic or unclear expectations or unfinished business that is lurking under the surface be draining us?

If you’ve found yourself regularly or deeply tired, frustrated or empty lately- it’s probably worth some consideration.

Our faith community explored this at length last Sunday.  You can find the conversation HERE.


Our faith community is in the process of identifying some of the things that suck the life and energy out of us.

Near the top of that list?  Other people.

I’m sure you can’t relate right?  You don’t know anyone who seems to leave you more tired after interacting with them than you were before, do you?

Thought so.

Here’s the rub: we’re relational creatures, even the introverted among us.  We need- and yes- even want people in our lives.

So, how do we live with each other in ways that are healthy and don’t feel so draining?

In last weekend’s teaching conversation I discussed a couple of possible solutions.

If you could use some ideas about how to deal with your relational drains, feel free to listen HERE.