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Last night I went to an NHL hockey game. Yes, Raleigh DOES have a pro sports team.

Now, I’ve never been much of a hockey fan, but I have seen a few games live. This particular trip was inspired by my friend and co-worker Shawn- who played professional hockey in the Canadian minor leagues.

We sat in the last row. Not just proverbial, but literally. Here are some pics:

(my buddy Shawn, waiting for a good fight to break out)

(the view to my right- yep that’s the back wall at the top of the whole arena)

(View of the action. Not bad seats really.)

Had a good time at the game, but noticed some things while I was there:

  • Friendship takes you places. I probably wouldn’t have gone to the game without Shawn’s prompting. Knowing it was special to him made me enjoy it even more. Friends enlarge our perspectives and experiences.
  • Community closes gaps. It is a lot of fun rooting for the home town team. Of the 20K of us at the game, I’m guessing many of us didn’t know or care much about hockey before the Hurricanes came to town. Rallying around a common cause puts us on the same team. Need proof? Complete strangers talked to, cheered with and high fived each other last night. Even the sober ones.
  • Enjoying life tames envy. 99% of the folks in the building had better seats than we did last night. But I didn’t care. I was enjoying myself and didn’t think to compare my experience or view to others.

Good reminders. Guess the ticket was worth the price last night.