The Missing Ingredient 4x3 MasterEver spent a lot of time cooking only to discover the finished product didn’t taste quite right?  If so, you probably went back to the recipe to see if you followed all the steps and included all the ingredients.  (I mean- how important was that tbsp of baking soda or the extra 10 mutes of cook time anyway?)

Some of us might be experiencing the same thing when it comes to following Jesus.  We’ve heard that what God has for us is an abundant, meaningful, savory life.  We’ve added lots of things to our lives to help create a relationship with God.  But if we’re honest, we might say that it doesn’t taste as satisfying as we thought it would.

Are we missing something?

If you find yourself asking that question, you may want to follow my current teaching series as we explore a not-so-secret ingredient that can make a huge difference in our lives and experiences with God.  If you are in the Raleigh area, come hang out with us on Sunday mornings @ 10:45.  If you don’t live in Raleigh, you can be a part of the conversation via our podcast.